Down(town) to Chinatown!


This past weekend, my aunt and I went on the Historic Downtown to Chinatown Tour from Better Adventures. As the name suggests, the tour went from the bottom of Manhattan, near Battery Park, to Chinatown.

I actually explored Chinatown a bit with Kate back in December — pause for short story:

We hit up Vanessa’s Dumplings for lunch. Can I just say that I got pork fried buns and pork chive dumplings for a total of $3.50? Guys, only $3.50 for a fair amount of really good food. Incredible!


We walked around, getting a bit lost (kind of really lost), and headed to New Kam Man Market, a three-tiered superstore with Asian food products ranging from toys to dishware to herbs and spices, to look around. (I almost bought a funky lunchbox and bamboo steamer… but talked myself out of it).

A couple doors down is this crazy hectic bakery, Taipan Bakery – We had no idea what was going on the entire time and only ordered (after waiting a good 20 mins) after this Australian woman had the guts to put her foot down (for us both). We ended up getting carrot cake and coconut tart.


But, back to the tour!

I was excited to further this exploration and learn some new things about this interesting neighborhood. More so, I have never really explored the downtown area so this was a perfect opportunity.

A little about the tour – Our guide, Geovanni, was very knowledgeable, personable and got us amazing food at the end of the tour from nearby Chinatown restaurants (as this was a foodie tour). Our group (about 10 people) was an interesting mix – this included two cooky ladies from Jersey, a couple from California on vacation and an emigre from Switzerland! I had a really great time!

Here are some highlights:


Outside Trinity Church



The New York Stock Exchange


Federal Hall National Memorial


The New York Stock Exchange


The Freedom Tour down the street from St. Paul’s Chapel


St. Paul’s Chapel


The Cemetery behind St. Paul’s Chapel


St. Paul’s Chapel


City Hall Park and the New York Municipal Building


The Courthouse from Law & Order (SVU) (Shout out to Gina!)


We also ate some kickass food, including roast pork buns, dumplings, and bing.






The tour also included some fun facts and stories about:

- Alexander Hamilton’s duel with Aaron Burr

- the Five Points

- Irish immigration and discrimination

- the curved street that Chinatown sprung up around

- Community organizations in Chinatown that control everything (a little mob-esque)

Honestly there was more, but I’ve forgotten a lot, but it was entertaining and informative and I learned a lot about these areas of New York that I never knew before so there’s that!

Bonus: Pop Culture Reference of the Day.

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